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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Public Relations and Marketing Department

P.O. Box 3640

76021 Karlsruhe


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KIT Navigator: more up-to-date, with favourites and new building data.

Die Abteilung Crossmedia und Marketing wird zum 1. Januar 2017 aufgelöst.

Die Teams Foto, Video und Grafik sind ab diesem Zeitpunkt Teil der Dienstleistungseinheit Allgemeine Services (AServ). Marketing, Bildredaktion und Redaktion von E-Publikationen (z. B. das Studierendenmagazin clicKIT) wechseln zur neuen Dienstleistungseinheit Strategie und Kommunikation (SUK).

Ansprechpersonen, Kontaktdaten sowie inhaltliche Informationen finden Sie bis zur Aktualisierung der Seiten unter www.aserv.kit.edu beziehungsweise www.suk.kit.edu bis auf Weiteres auf den folgenden Seiten.


Crossmedia und Marketing


We develop the cross-media concept further and make it an important element of KIT’s communication to also strengthen the brand of KIT.

Pooling individual design elements, such as texts, photos, videos, and graphics, in an integrated concept – this is what the Cross-media and Marketing Division does.

Changing media is not only entertaining, it offers the public a value added and enhances branding. It is in the focus of our conceptual and implementation work. To this end, we closely cooperate with the editorial staff of PKM. Topics are selected together with the research, education, innovation, and services sectors of KIT.

Multi-media concepts are developed not only for our clients. All activities generally are linked to KIT branding. We are convinced of a corporate design supporting the brand. This basic principle of work is also conveyed to our trainees in the areas of photography and media design.